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დეკემბერი 8, 23:00
Eva Kim (night club MOON)

Eva Kim is a Dubai based Dj with international recognition. She plays in Dubai, Doha, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Bodrum and other benchmark parties and stages.
Join the party at Moon night club to experience the symphony of sound and ambiance of pure celebration.
RSV: +995 557 99 66 99

დეკემბერი 31, 23:00
İlyas Yalçıntaş

İlyas Yalçıntaş is a Turkish pop singer and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition after winning the Turkish version of "The X Factor" in 2014. His popular songs “İncir” and “Gel Be Gökyüzüm” were on top of the charts and gained millions of views on YouTube. He has released several successful albums, singles, and collaborations with Turkish artists. İlyas Yalçıntaş is known for his soulful and emotional vocal style and is an influential figure in Turkish contemporary music.

იანვარი 20, 23:00
Ekin Uzunlar

Ekin Uzunlar is a famous pop music singer and songwriter from Turkey who is known for singles such as "Son Bir Kez," "Göze Geldik," and "Hediye." His music is distinguished by its elaborate orchestration, which includes ancient instruments like the saz, baglama, and darbuka. It also stands out for its rhythmic and melodic complexity. Ekin has a devoted fanbase both within and outside of the Turkish music scene thanks to their distinctive sound and approach. Mustafa Ceceli, Irem Gural, Can Yuce, Eypio, Bilal HANCI, and others worked with Ekin Uzunlar on "Optum Nefesinden," "Firuze," "#zELzELE," Sinan Akcil's "Simsiyahim," and Seda Yiyin's "Ben Nerede Sen Nerede."