Eclipse Event Schedule for March 2024 in Batumi


ECLIPSE Entertainment team is committed to bringing the best performers and shows to our stage. 

Join us in March to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan or simply enjoy your vacation at Batumi.

events in Batumi

Kouros & Pyruz

Date and location: 21 March, ECLIPSE stage

Eclipse welcomes an exceptional duet of Persian artists Kouros & Pyruz in Batumi! 

Both artists are pop singers and songwriters widely known among Iranian diaspora all over the world for their traditional Iranian folk music with a modern touch. 

Their music appeals to listeners of all ages and origins and cuts across cultural borders. Come to enjoy Iranian lyrics and sensitive beats filled with love and spirituality! 

For reservations:

+995 591 98 22 00

+995 595 10 05 34

Saxogen Paris

Date and location: 22 March, night club Moon

On 22-23 March we are please to invite you to enjoy our special guest from Paris – Saxophonist, resident of Cult Clubs such as “Matingon”, “LaBellevilloise” and “Bolero” – Saxogen. 

RSV: +995 557 99 66 99

Leila Forouhar

Date and location: 25 March, ECLIPSE stage

Leila Forouhar is a legendary Persian pop singer and actress whose popularity in Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, and US has spanned for decades. She is praised for her unique voice, dancing ability, and exceptional beauty. 

During her career, Ms. Forouhar has released more than 20 albums. Her album “Planet of Harmony” included songs in English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish.

With 2.3 million subscribers in Instagram, Leila Forouhar is one of the most prominent female Persian artists coming to Georgia to give an exclusive concert at Eclipse Casino in Batumi. 

For reservations:

+995 591 98 22 00

+995 595 10 05 34

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