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About Poker Club

In a luxurious setting, with multiple stakes and a friendly atmosphere, Eclipse Poker Club is the ideal way to enjoy competitive poker in Batumi.

We offer many ways to enjoy the thrills of poker, catering to all tastes and levels - from No Limit Texas Hold’em to Pot Limit Omaha, with blinds of $1/3 and up. In a unique and spectacular environment, it’s the ideal way to meet new players and make friends. Practice and improve your skills in low-stakes cash games, then take chances and win big when the stakes are raised. Rest assured that we also offer a large accumulative Bad Beat Jackpot.


1st and 2nd Floor

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What time do the games start?

At Eclipse Poker Club we hold a wide range of poker games every day, around the clock. Come whenever you like and enjoy a thrilling game in the relaxed, unique atmosphere of Eclipse Casino.

What variations of poker can I take part in?

Currently, at Eclipse Poker Club you can play popular modern poker variations including No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha with a range of buy-ins and stakes, as well as the famous Open-Face Chinese Poker.

NL Texas Holdem 1/3: Min Buy-in $150. Rake 5%.
NL Texas Holdem 2/5: Min Buy-in $300. Rake 4%.
NL Texas Holdem 5/5: Min Buy-in $300. Rake 4%.
NL Texas Holdem 5/10: Min Buy-in $500. Rake 3%.
Higher limits – by agreement.

PL Omaha 1/3: Min Buy-in $150. Rake 5%.
PL Omaha 2/5: Min Buy-in $300. Rake 4%.
PL Omaha 5/5: Min Buy-in $300. Rake 4%.
PL Omaha 5/10: Min Buy-in $500. Rake 3%.

Are there tournaments in the club?

Every Friday and Saturday at 21:00, Eclipse Poker Club is home to an exciting Cash Battle. Stay tuned for major competitions that are planned for the future.

What is the Bad Beat Jackpot?

The Bad Beat Jackpot is a cumulative jackpot that is played among players of the Eclipse Poker Club. The amount in the jackpot increases daily and can be won at any time.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is considered to be won if the combination A-A-A-10-10 or better loses against the combination 2-2-2-2-3 or better. Both player’s pocket cards should be involved in making the winning combination. To determine the winner, players claiming the Bad Beat Jackpot must go to a showdown.

Please check with the poker manager for more details and conditions of opting into the Bad Beat Jackpot and jackpot payouts.

1 Lech and Maria Kaczynski, 6010, Batumi, Georgia

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